Integrated facilities management

We at KCIC with experience of over 20 years in offering a comprehensive range of service solutions from basic cleaning to specialist cleaning We provide bespoke integrated facilities management solutions to fit the unique needs of your business.

Built-in flexibility with our extensive resources ensures best value and our end to end one stop shop approach covers all the aspects of facility management services.

Our flexible menu of IFM services allows clients to choose the elements that work best for them and we customize them to fit in with the way that best works for their process and services. Our bespoke solutions help clients perform better.

We will be designing and implementing facility service solutions aimed at one goal -- returning true value to our clients by helping them achieve their overall objectives.

We understand that speed to market is a focus for you, and we cater our facility services to your schedule

We will maximize your facility service dollar and increase your operating efficiencies, making it easy for you to have a top-notch property.

Our technology platform will help you to ascertain your facility needs and reduce cost.

We use our technology platform I-facility software built in-house using our extensive experience, provides efficient scheduling for maintenance of every asset in building and evaluate the effectiveness of operations and staffing decisions, i-inspect provide quality control inspections, determines cleaning operations costs and i-dashboard transfers a work request to an employee in real-time

Monitor and Measure performance results we continuously monitor and measure performance and costs to ensure we are constantly meeting our client’s goals. We use a various tools and techniques to accomplish this, including reports, client satisfaction surveys, regular client communications, financial documentation, and service request tracking.

Using our technology platform ascertaining the operational efficiency will guarantee 10-15% increase in the service efficiency for more information about how we can help make your businesses more efficient, contact us today.

Airports and airlines


Airports have always been challenging environments. Managing process and time involved to deliver the services is the key.

Tourism Sites


Our incredible India is the home of beautiful places that ought to need a visit.