We manage car parks in private and public establishments, international/ domestic airports, railways stations and tourist sites. Whilst the use of the latest cutting edge technology reduces theleakage of revenueand security of vehicles entering and leaving the site, the personal presence of a professional Warden compliments the service.

Parking management can incorporate a wide variety of requirements and our experience demonstrates that when it comes to our clients we understand these requirements and have a solution that meets all needs

Here at KCIC we take great pride in being unique and provide our clients with an experience that is professional in its approach, positive in its delivery and rewarding with its results.

Parking Management is something you shouldn't have to worry about. We will take the time to understand your specific needs and propose a solution that meets those needs whilst ensuring the protection of both your brand and your image

Our employees carry out their duties with courtesy and professionalism. You will find our team totally committed to the smooth running of your parking operation.

Metro Rail Corporation


A leading Metro rail corporation was looking for a qualified service provider to manage its operations.

Major Multinational manufacturing


This project involves a leading South Korean multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Seoul.