Our recruitment services are pioneered in staffing and sourcing manpower, our specialised HR resources are experienced in recruitment and selection of industrial and technical staff. We provide access to qualified professionals, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled personnel covering a range of specialities to suite every industrial need.

Flexibility is the key to our staffing solutions we offer, allowing clients to select the elements that work best for them and fit in with the way they work. Individually designed and purposed to deliver, our solutions provide real, demonstrable value to the clients operation.

We provide tailored solution to help raise the quality, efficiency and productivity of your workforce for both short-term projects as well as more permanent positions. Thus making our solutions for all your manpower needs, staffs are trained in-house in our state-of art training centre for all soft and hard services before deploying in client premises thus reducing time for additional training.

With offices located in all major cities across India, we are able to provide staff, even on short notice, through our Human Resources Department which manages hiring, labour relations, replacement, salaries and all that is related to the Health and Safety of employees.

Metro Rail Corporation


A leading Metro rail corporation was looking for a qualified service provider to manage its operations.

Major Multinational manufacturing


This project involves a leading South Korean multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Seoul.