I-facility portals acts as a 24/7 self-service platform allowing our clients to view their day-to-day operations reports on billing, history of invoices, operational audit reports, statutory compliance certificates, feedbacks from sites occupants all available at click of a button.

Using our technology, now you can manage facilities across different locations:

  • Maintaining quality through Work Order management
  • Asset Management – we will ensure your assets have maintained the value throughout our contract.
  • Advance digital restroom monitoring – technology platform will ensure the restrooms are monitored without any deficiency, live updates are sent to site manager on timely cleaning.
  • Inventory and order management – our system will mark threshold for various stock levels of products and upon the clients approval order inventory is automatically triggered once the stocks reached their re-ordering levels.
  • Monitored Periodic Scheduling for staff training and safety.
  • World class audit and inspections are carried out using tablet PC’s for quality monitoring.
  • Recorded Communication history for future referrals and meetings.

  • The platform provides a detail view of all the requests and pending work orders, the automated escalation matrix for the services are sent to operational team on-site and off-site, service request creations are 24/7 handled through telephone, email and web.

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