With our extensive experience we share best practice across all our contracts and bring innovative, new ideas to our clients to improve services.

We invest in innovative IT solutions on behalf of our clients to make sure they benefit from industry–leading tools that can help to improve the management of their properties, assets and services.


I-facility is our latest software platform enables our employees to manage facilities with exceptional efficiency and to analyse any trends, new improvements required to improve our service.

Our platform is a fully integrated latest cutting edge technology; our clients can able to access our service from anywhere using just an internet connection (via cell phone, tablet or any online connection)

The platform is built to manage work orders, timesheets, attendance, asset management, quality monitoring


A key aspect of this platform is to identify gaps and key issues in the services and implement best practises across the premises. The precise frequency of such audit will be decided by the client.

Inspections are performed by both the sides, clients as per their schedule and simultaneously operational team as per the agreed schedule, comparison reports are generated by the auditing platform for monitoring progress.


Excellent tool acts as 24/7 support services “on the move”, clients can log work orders and new work request from anywhere

I-mobile uses QR codes in the premises, clients and occupants can submitnew work orderscomplaints, suggestions and appreciations if any

Submitted request are tracked in a live- dashboard which assigns the field supervisors to attend the complaints in a timely manner



We offer best in class road transport facility to the growing needs of society as a whole on a global front

Construction Services


Our unrivalled expertise and experiencein building as per the special requirement of our client