Our solutions deliver flexible, professional support in a way that fits in with client’s requirement, letting our clients to concentrate on carrying out their business or activities. Our services are proven to deliver across almost any location. The key is to understand the operation of each particular environment

We at KCIC make sure the visitors enter the site without any disruption, issuing of tickets for entry into the site and guiding them to enter safely without any mishap.We are delivering the service successfully for past 2 decades in national parks and heritage sites in India

We provide marshalling/ patrolling service,our staffs are courteous and experienced, providing marshalling services to help visitors safely enter and ensure safe exit.

Every venue is different we can tailor make services completely accordingly to your flexibility and we’ll work along with you in partnership to ensure all you needs are meet from entry to exit. We also can adapt with your seasonal requirements and provide a proactive and managed turnaround during holidays.

Airports and airlines


Airports have always been challenging environments. Managing process and time involved to deliver the services is the key.

Tourism Sites


Our incredible India is the home of beautiful places that ought to need a visit.