We have delivered services in 13 cities of India. Our services are flexible and our specialty is being able to collate any service(s) into a single “Integrated Contract”, which can be tailor–made to fit in your financial budgets. We will do all the thinking on our client’s behalf, bringing innovative ideas to the table, and never stop looking for ways to be efficient and save cost.

Our simple secret

We attract the most proficient people. Train them - choose the best materials, equipment,arm them with technology and best practises. We only take projects if we are absolutely certain to deliver them with high quality and as per the client’s expectations,

Quality control platform

our centralised cloud based platform will ensure performance and service delivery meet our client’s expectations. Our inspection and i-survey modules generate valuable reports providing us a detail visibility on the site and operations.

Clients first

we hear all your thoughts 24/7, it can be a complaint or a suggestions or appreciations- our online on the move platform will enable clients to send us their feedback from anywhere using their handheld devices- this helps us to improve our service delivery and address all their thoughts in a timely manner.

Our future

We always have a keen eye on our future and this clearly speaks through our rich profile. With this in mind we have set our mind on a few targets which will put us on the fast-track to progress.

Our Services

Facility Management

Our services are valued by India's largest infrastructures like airports, private and public sectors. Each had their own challenges; we met those challenges with reliable.Read More...

Aircraft Ground handling

Handling all the activities for the airline and making sure the passengers take-off on time and after landing making sure the smooth transition of the passengers until they receive their baggage’s and exit out of the airport. Read More...

Staffing Solutions

We are pioneer in staffing and sourcing manpower. Our specialized HR team is experienced in recruitment and selection of industrial and technical staff. Read More...

Parking Management

We manage car parking spaces in various areas around the metropolitan city, international and domestic airports, railways stations and tourist sites. Our team of professionals will perform a complete site. Read More...


We offer best in class road transport facility to the growing needs of society. The first of its kind radio taxi service offers cab services between Bengaluru International Airport and any part of the city. Read More...

Visitor/Entry Management

Collecting and issuing tickets for entry to tourism sites, airports, and metro stations, helping commuters, visitors and passengers enter the site without any disruption.Read More...

Case Studies

Airports & Airlines

Airports have always been challenging environments. Managing process and time involved to deliver the services is the key. We have achieved this key Read More...

Tourism Sites

Our incredible India is the home of beautiful places that ought to need a visit. With this rapid growing tourism industry, the need to improve Read More...

Metro Rail Corporation

A leading Metro rail corporation was looking for a qualified service provider to manage its operations. The metro rail has 15 trains currently operationalRead More...

Major Multinational manufacturing

This project involves a leading South Korean multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Seoul. The firm has large R&D centre in south of India Read More...

Leading international airport

South India’s renowned International Airport handles about 14.38 million passengers and has air traffic movements (ATM) of about 359 per day in 2013-14. Read More...

Metropolitan authority

This is the first-of-its-kind facility in the city, built by the Metropolitan Development Authority. The vacant land on the premises of the bus terminusRead More...


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